Plastic Oil Bottle Cap Injection Molding Machine Plastic Oil Bottle Cap Injection Molding Machine

1)User friendly: Easy nozzle alignment after injection carriage improved. Easy care and maintenance.
2) Precision: high optimistic mechanical structure with high-tech controller,
greatly increase machine service life and precise.
3) Speedy: High injection speed reducing cycle time.
4) Durable: Thicker platens to add strength, free from deforming molds.

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  • Model: BST-1400A
  • Brand: Best
  • Code: 8477101090
  • Shot weight:230-252g
  • Injection rate:95-100g/s
  • Mould thickness:150-420mm
  • Ejector tonnage:50kn
  • Clamp tonnage:1400kn
  • Space between tie-bar:428*386mm
  • Hole Diameter:100mm
  • Weight :4.2t
  • Machine Dimension:4.8*1.6*1.7m
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 Product performance and advantages:
1. Servo energy-saving system
Using the servo motor oil electricity composite structure
2. Servo motor high response feature
It costs only 0.05s for servo energy saving injection molding machines to achieve the maximum output, in comparison with conventional hydraulic injection molding machines. The response speed has been obviously increased, improving the production efficiency.
3. Unique function
Large colored screen with TFT interface
Full automatic close-loop control
Module design of hardware
Auto-tune PID temperature control
Pc interface USB, PIC, and FLASH…
Curve monitoring and analysis function
K-can data transmission (500Kbit/s)
On-line central monitoring function
MODEL/型号         BST-1400A
Screw diameter/螺杆直径 mm 38 40
Shot size(theoretical)/理论注塑容积 Cm³ 256 280
Shot weight/理论注塑重量 g 230 252
Injection pressure/注塑压力 Mpa 176 160
Injection rate/注塑速率 g/s 95 100
Screw L/D ratio/螺杆长径比 L/D 23.4 22.2
Screw speed/螺杆转速 r.p.m 0-190
Nozzle Diameter/喷嘴球径 Srmm 10

Clamp tonnage/合模力 KN 1400
Toggle stroke/动模板行程 mm 365
Mould Thickness/允许模厚 mm 150-420
Space between tie-bars/拉杆间距 mm 428X386
Ejector stroke/顶出行程 mm 140
Ejector tonnage/顶出力 KN 50
Ejector number/顶出杆根数 Piece 5
Hole Diameter/模板定位孔直径 mm 100

Heat power/加热功率 KW 8.2
Max. pump pressure/最大油泵压力 MPa 16
Pump motor power/油泵马达功率 KW 13
Valve Size/阀通径 mm 10
Machine dimension/机器外形尺寸 m 4.8X1.6X1.7
Machine weight/机器重量(约) t 4.2
Oil tank capacity(邮箱容积) L 220

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