BSD-30D Injection Blow Molding Machine For Making Plastic Bottle BSD-30D Injection Blow Molding Machine For Making Plastic Bottle

Injection Blow Molding Machine
2.High speed and no flash
3.Horizontal injection system

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  • Model: BSD-30D
  • Brand: Best Machinery
  • Name:Injection Blow Molding Machine
  • Weight :3.6t
  • motor power:15kw
  • max.screw stroke:165mm
  • max.screw speed:10-225rpm
  • injection clamping force:300KN
  • blowing clamping force:80
  • Injection Pressure:175MPA
  • stripping stroke:180mm
  • open stroke:120mm
  • Features
  • Technical parameters
  • Our service
  • Certification

injection blow molding machine----Features

1)Adopt double pro portional variable displacement piston pump,can save 20% power than usual.

2)Adopt three-cylinder to lock the mold with the replenishing valve,can make the high and short cycle products.

3)Apply the double verticalpole and single horizontal beam to make enough rotation space,longer bottles,make the mold

installation easy and simple.

No. item Unit Data
1 Dia.of screw mm 40
2 Screw L/D
3 Shot volume cm³ 200
4 Injection Weight g 163
5 Injection Pressure Mpa 175
6 Max.screw stroke mm 165
7 Max.screw speed rpm 10-225
8 Heating capacity kw 6
9 No.of heating zone Qty 3
10 clamping&blowing system

11 clamping force of injection KN 300
12 clamping force of blowing KN 80
13 opening stroke of mold plant mm 120
14 lifign height of rotary table mm 60
15 max.platen size mm 420*300
16 min.mold thickness mm 180
17 heating capacity of mould Kw 1.2-2.5
18 stripping system

19 stripping troke mm 180
20 driving system

21 motor power kw 15
22 hydraulic pressure Mpa 14
23 product range

24 suitable bottle range L 0.005-0.8
25 max.bottle height mm ≤180
26 max.dia.of bottle mm ≤100
27 other

28 dry cycle s 3
29 min.Air pressure Mpa 1.2
30 discharge rate of compressed air m³/min >0.8
31 water flowage m³/h 3
32 total rated power with mold heating Kw 22.56
33 Dimension(L*W*H) mm 3050*1300*2150
34 net weight T 3.6

1.Installation, debug
After equipments reached the workshop of customer, place the equipments according to plane layout we offered. We will arrange seasoned technician for equipments installation, debug and test production at the same time make the equipments reach the rated producing capacity of the line. Time for installation and debug is 15-25 days.
Our company offer technology training to customer. The content of training is structure and maintenance of equipments, control and operation of equipments. Training is in the workshop of customer. Seasoned technician will guide and establish training outline. After training, the technician of buyer could master the operation and maintenance, could adjust the process and treat different failures.
3.Quality guarantee
We promise that our goods are all new and not used. They’re made of suitable material, adopt new design. The quality, specification and function all meet the demand of contract. We promise that the products of this line could storage for one year without adding any aseptic.
4.After sales
1,After checking, we offer 12 months as quality guarantee, free offer wearing parts and offer other parts at the lowest price. In quality guarantee, the technician of buyers should operate and maintain the equipments according to seller’s demand, debug some failures. If you could not solve the problems, we will guide you by phone; if the problems are still can not solve, we will arrange technician to your factory solving the problems. The cost of technician arrangement you could see the cost treatment method of technician.
2,After quality guarantee, we offer technology support and after sales service. Offer wearing parts and other spare parts at favorable price; after quality guarantee, the technician of buyers should operate and maintain the equipments according to seller’s demand, debug some failures. If you could not solve the problems, we will guide you by phone; if the problems are still can not solve, we will arrange technician to your factory solving the problems. The cost of technician arrangement you could see the cost treatment method of technician.


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