BST-6500A plastic injection molding machine BST-6500A plastic injection molding machine

BST-6500A shot weight :2745-2870g,MAX OPENING STROKE:880MM,SPACE BETWEEN TIE BARS:385X350MM,
we have Imported advanced computer systems, Chinese / English interface.
You can save 100 sets of mold parameters.
Advanced clamping structure and injection parts, precision hydraulic system and circuit design.

machine size(LxWxH):
  • 9.3x2.2x2.4m
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  • Model:BST-6500A
  • origin:Zhang Jia Gang city
  • packaging:the tray
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BST-6500A injection molding machine
The computer is imported from Industry family,The LCD displaying screen with high clarity has Chinese and English language to display
New type 5-point toggle device with the advantage of stable movement curve and gentle shock
Hard chrome plated high tensile strength tie bars made of superior alloy with a good wear and corrosion resistance ability
Transducer control clamping stroke
Nitrided screw and barrel with long service life
Smelted screw with big L/D ratio to the result of high quality plasticizing and color-fixing
Transducer control injection stroke
The machines have compact structure, reasonable design, high configuration, energy  saving, suitable for producing different big weight, big size and hig precision  products.
MODEL                         BST-6500A
Screw diameter mm 90 92
Shot size(theoretical) Cm³ 3050 3190
Shot weight g 2745 2870
Injection pressure Mpa 159 152
Injection rate g/s 560 592
Screw L/D ratio L/D 20 19.6
Screw speed r.p.m 0-120
Nozzle Diameter Srmm 20

Clamp tonnage KN 6500
Toggle stroke mm 880
Mould Thickness mm 350-860
Space between tie-bars mm 860X819
Ejector stroke mm 220
Ejector tonnage KN 160
Ejector number Piece 13
Hole Diameter mm 200

Heat power KW 37.1
Max. pump pressure MPa 16
Pump motor power KW 25+30
Valve Size mm cartridge valve
Machine dimension m 9.2X2.2X2.4
Machine weight t 26
Oil tank capacity L 1000

Quality:12month Quality Guarantee,Free spare parts replacement,(Not include man-made sabotage)
Service:We provide free advanced training and maintance in china factory ,and 24hours on-line or phone service
If you request ,we also can provdie installaton and training abroad ,until customer’s satisfication
Delivery time:75-85days after advance payment
Payment:In cash ,T/T transfer ,LC etc
Goals:Chase customers’requirment ,and improve ourselves better

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